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Public Cloud Developer at SUSE

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

I'm working on the Public Cloud Team at SUSE and for our team, we're looking
for a talented Ruby developer. A plus would be experience in Python, but it's
not necessary.

Location is Nuremberg, Germany, or Provo, Utah in the US but we also might
be able to work something out for a remote position.

Full job listing in [1]. If you're interested, please let me know I can
forward you directly to my manager which will keep the roundtrip time
very low.

PS: There is no conflict of interest when working as a Debian Developer for
    SUSE. SUSE is a very open company and there is at least another DD already
    working for them, so you could be number 3 ;-).


> [1]

 .''`.  John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
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