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RFS: ruby: redmine 4.0.1-3

Stewart Ferguson

I've pushed some changes to redmine and marked 4.0.1-3 as released and would
appreciate a sponsor to review/upload the change [1].  Everything builds okay in
an amd64 sbuild environment and I've installed/tested on my unstable setup fine.

I've limited my changes to address RC bug #933784 so that we can get the package
into the testing suite.  Though I couldn't resist a few trivial changes (compat
& Standards-Version).

Contrary to my merge-request, I chose to remove requirements on all minor
versions per the advice from j4v4m4n.  This means we need to visit the patch
whenever we update upstream, but avoids breakages whenever a dependency
increments. I think that was a good idea from Praveen.

In addition to the changes made here, I think I see some other spots where I can
help.  For a start, there is a lintian warning.  I'd like to spend some time
addressing lintian messages, and looking into the bugs reported in Ubuntu. So
you can expect another RFS in a few weeks for version 4.0.1-4 and hopefully one
for buster-backports.  If we still have problems migrating to testing, I'll be
happy to look into that too.

My $job will be using the package in our day-to-day so once this package is in
unstable, I'll be able to report/patch any other bugs we find.

Happy Ruby-ing and thanks for the review/sponsorship,

Stewart Ferguson, DM
12EA 56E8 06E3 7088 2A19  8F71 186C F99F 98E7 5ABD

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/ruby-team/redmine

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