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Re: Bug#902966: pstore: crypto_comp_decompress failed

Michael Jones
On 17/08/2018 15:10, Vincas Dargis wrote:
> Why is this bug marked as Done?
> Issue still persists with 4.17.0-2-amd64 on ASUS N551JM laptop.
> If users (upgrading from Strech) are expected to execute these
> workarounds, maybe there should be NEWS entry of some sort?

I wouldn't delete these files, for me they contain a stacktrace of oops
for radeon (I have a firepro).

it makes sense to at least copy these files to one side for later

the kernel module perhaps shouldn't error when it can't read some files.

I don't see that there is anything else for the package maintainer to
do. With all the compression options enabled, the same errors occur.

Kind Regards,