Re-introducing colortest-python to Debian (Re: Where can I find packages that need a maintainer?)

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Re-introducing colortest-python to Debian (Re: Where can I find packages that need a maintainer?)

Otto Kekäläinen-4

I am branching this off to its own topic to keep the communication clear.

First of all, a recap of current status:
- Python 2 colortest got removed from Debian repos in September 2019:
- Pablo has packaged Python 3 colortest and with my sponsoring it was
submitted to Debian, and has been sitting in the NEW queue for a month
- Debian ftp-masters are overworked, the NEW queue processing will
take some time
- We have not had any feedback whatsoever from the ftp-masters yet

And then to the tasks at hand:

ma 24. helmik. 2020 klo 9.24 Paul Wise ([hidden email]) kirjoitti:

> Principally this is about reopening bugs closed by the removal and
> then triaging them and closing any fixed in the new version.
> Last time I needed to do this, I ran this hacky shell one-liner:
> bts $(for bug in $(curl
> ';src=colortest-python'
> | pandoc -f html -t plain --wrap none | grep -B1 -F +rm | grep -o
> \#[0-9]\\+ | tr -d \#) ; do echo -n "unarchive $bug , reopen $bug , ";
> done)
> For your package it gives this command:
> bts unarchive 753281 , reopen 753281 , unarchive 936320 , reopen
> 936320 , unarchive 782208 , reopen 782208 , unarchive 890074 , reopen
> 890074 ,

Pablo: using this link you can see all bugs (also archived ones) for

The status is currently "closed" for all of them, since they got
mass-closed when the package was removed from Debian. From

[Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2019 04:42:39 +0000] [ftpmaster: Scott Kitterman]
Removed the following packages from unstable:

colortest-python |      2.2-1 | source, all
Closed bugs: 920127

------------------- Reason -------------------
python2-only; orphaned; dead upstream; low popcon
Also closing bug(s): 753281 782208 890074 936320
Also closing WNPP bug(s):

The mass-closed ones should be unarchived and reopened as Paul Wise
suggest. Please do that.

Then later, when the new colortest-python enters Debian, you can close
all of these bugs since looking at the subjects, they are all fixed in
the new upload.

Regarding bugs, you should also submit a new bug report where you
state that you intend to adopt this package. We can then ask
ftp-masters to add their NEW queue feedback into this new bug report,
which basically would be:

To: [hidden email]
Title: ITA: colortest-python -- utility to test color capabilities of terminal
Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I would like to adopt this package.

Work has already been done at
and package submitted to NEW in

After that we keep waiting for the ftp-masters to review.

- Otto