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Sven Luther
On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 10:16:08PM +0100, Valerio wrote:

> Hi Sven,
> I'm trying to get X-window working on a IBM pSeries 650 POWER4+ (powerpc64).
> I installed Debian Etch without problems but without the graphical installer
> (still in development, with many problems). I couldn't manage to boot the
> GTK minicd installer, though.
> Problems came out when tried to install xorg & co. Unfortunately, Xfree86
> doesn't work on ppc architecture within Etch, afaik.
> My graphics adapter is a GXT135P (i.e. Matrox G450), with a mga g400 chipset
> Bugs between Xorg and MGA are well known, and I got them all  :S
> As a matter of facts, I always get "(EE) No devices detected" when starting
> X
> Is it a kernel start issue ?  (let's say video=matrox:... something)
> I even tried getting Original v4.4.0 drivers from, or v4.4.2
> unofficial drivers from the net, but couldn't manage to compile in my ppc64
> architecture...
> Any help on this particular point ?
> Btw, I both tried the Debian Etch shipped kernel 2.6.18-3 image, loading
> external fb/mga modules, and also customizing and compiling my own kernel 2
> 6.18-7 from patched sources. If needed, I could post the required .config
> statements... Let me know about.
> Here we go with the Xorg configuration and output:

Well, matroxfb is said to be not so operational, but should be builtin, you
could try a : video=matroxfb and see what it says.

That said, this is a problem of the X server, which apparently doesn't know
about pci domains or something, i am not sure it is really a bug or something
else. Did you compile your X alone, or use the debian one ?

Can you try removing the pci id line from your config file, so X detects the
cards himself, and see what it says in the config files ?

Vut debian-x is probably the better channel for this one.


Sven Luther

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