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Re: [racket/racket] hang building racket 6.12 on s390x (#2018)

David Bremner
David Bremner <[hidden email]> writes:

> Paulo Matos <[hidden email]> writes:
>> Does this also happen on HEAD? I will try to see if I can reproduce
>> this on a s390x. First I will need to get my hands on one though.
> HEAD build fails at
> ./racketcgc -cqu ../../racket/mksystem.rkt system.rktd "gcc -E -I. -I../../racket/include -I../../racket/src -g -O2    -DUSE_SENORA_GC    ../../racket/src/systype.c" "" "./racketcgc" "./racketcgc"
> current-module-name-resolver: contract violation
>   expected: (and/c (procedure-arity-includes/c 2) (procedure-arity-includes/c 4))
>   given: #<procedure:standard-module-name-resolver>
> Segmentation fault
> make[8]: *** [Makefile:177: sysinfercgc] Error 139

Can anyone from the debian s390 porters help with this bug? [1] It has
kept racket 6.12 out of buster. Would it help if we arranged for one of
the racket team to have a guest account on real s390x hardware?