SDRA2020 will be a video conference

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SDRA2020 will be a video conference

Markus Heller
Dear (former, future) speakers,

Corona changes everything.

The DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) cannot / will not denounce the
HAMRADIO in Friedrichshafen for liability reasons, I strongly expect
the German authorities to do this.

As for the Software Defined Radio Academy we planning for the case that
there will not be any SDRA / HAMRADIO in Friedrichshafen this year.

Instead we have set up a video conference server. We are shifting the
entire SDRA into the internet. This gives us a lot of benefits: No
speaker needs to travel to Friedrichshafen in order to contribute. With
our BigBlueButton server we are using a tool that's well established in
academic teaching.

We will have access to speakers all around the world, as long as the
internet does not fail. :-)

Therefore I want to ask you again for your contribution. You have been
working on interesting topics in the past year and I'd like to invite
you to talk to us.

It now pays off that we have assembled nearly 2000 subscribers in our
Youtube channel, all of which we will be able to reach, and maybe more
until then. Instead of merely talking to a hundred listeners, please be
prepared to reach a thousand and more. :-)

So please consider a talk about your topics of research in the past
year. We will set up a fine conference for you. The mode will be, all
presenters will be moderators, and the wide public can give us written
feedback and questions in the Youtube channel, which we then discuss
again per video.

The SDRA will be on Saturday June 27.

Please send me a short title and a couple of lines of what you are
going to talk about so that we can set up the conference schedule.

All topics around SDR, GNURadio, mathematics, FPGAs etc... are welcome!

Thanks in advance!