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Enrico Zini

you can now log into using your

The Login button in the top right now presents a choice of
authentication providers, which includes Salsa.

For active Debian Developers, the login should just work, since it was
possible to import Salsa credentials by account name and automatically
associate them with user informations on the site.

For Applicants and Debian Maintainers, you need to let the site know
what is your Salsa account. You can do that by logging in with the certificate and then ALSO log in with Salsa: the site
will remember that that Salsa account is also you.

When logged in, you can find the login page again as "Logins" in the
personal menu at the top right, and you can use that page to see the
status and audit log of your identities in the site.

If you find issues, you can report them either on Gitlab or on the BTS,
or send mail to [hidden email]:


I'll try to work in the following days to enable Salsa authentication
also on and

This should make it much easier for new developers to access the site,
as the signup procedure for non-DDs had become a major

This also means that can do OIDC logins using a number of
different providers, and if multiple single signons emerge in Debian, it
should now be easy to integrate with them.

This also means that can now display avatar pictures
in user pages! :)


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