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Scott Talbert: Application Manager report

Santiago R.R.
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For, at 2020-02-01:
After looking at Scott Talbert <[hidden email]>'s contributions and after
exchanging some emails to get to know him a bit better, I agree with the
advocates that Scott can and should indeed be a Debian Developer, uploading
right now.

Scott Talbert's bio:

I first started to use GNU/Linux in around 1994 when I was in high school as my
high school had setup an email server, which I helped to run. If I recall
correctly, my first distribution was Slackware (with the installation from 50
floppy disks :)). I have been running my own email/web server continuously
since 1997. Around 2007, I started using Linux as the primary OS on my desktop
machines. I initially got involved with Debian packaging around 2014. I started
contributing to an open source project that develops software to program
Logitech Harmony Remote Controls under Linux. Initially, the software was out
of date in Debian and acquired initial dependencies, so I started contributing
to update that packaging, add dependencies, etc. Slowly I've picked up
maintenance for additional packages in related areas and I now maintain about a
dozen packages. My interest is primarily in Python packages, and I'm looking to
expand my involvement in Debian by helping with the Python 3 conversion effort.
I've already been working on a few additional Python packages under the Python
Modules Team (DPMT).


Santiago Ruano Rincón (via

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