Testing. AutomaticLogin. Switching users

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Testing. AutomaticLogin. Switching users

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I haven't used this feature for more than a month, so I don't know
when it was changed in testing distribution.

Previously all was easy. There was text console under Alt-F1 to Alt-F6
and X-window session under Alt-F7.

Now, when AutomaticLogin is not set in gdm3 config, text consoles are
Alt-F3 to Alt-F6, X-windows is under Alt-F2, and under Alt-F1 stays login
screen ready to use. When you login as other user, his session is placed
under Alt-F4 and you can switch between both users. When you try to use
gnome "switch user" it does not work - there is no login screen after it,
only password query for current user.

When AutomaticLogin is set it looks differrent. X-windows session is under
Alt-F1 and text consoles under Alt-F2 to Alt-F6. Gnome "switch user" does not
work and there is no login screen anywhere.

Do anybody know, how can I switch users and use AutomaticLogin at the
same time?

PS1. Yes, I must use Ctrl-Alt-Fn and not Alt-Fn when in X.

PS2. I know, my English is not perfect ;)