WSJT/WSPR Python3-Pillow 2.6.1 Segfault Issue

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WSJT/WSPR Python3-Pillow 2.6.1 Segfault Issue

Hello All,

I sent this to the WSJT Devel upstream group initially, but this may be
the right place to get it resolved.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Greg, KI7MT

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Subject: WSJT/WSPR Python3-Pillow 2.6.1 Issue
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 10:50:28 -0600
From: KI7MT <[hidden email]>
To: WSJT software development <[hidden email]>

Hello All,

While updating WSJT/WSPR build documentation, I've come full circle on
the Python3-Pillow 2.6.1 segfault problem that many have reported. I'm
need of assistance in trying to debug / generate a work around, as this
has gone well past my level of knowledge with Python.

This issue affects both Windows and *Nix, but "seems" to be isolated to
the Pillow 2.6.1.


When using Pillow 2.6.1, WSPR and WSJT will both segfault, almost
immediately, either at decode time for WSPR ( sample *.wav file or T=50
to 55 of the 2min cycle ) or at the end of the first FSK441 cycle (
first whole minute? ) with WSJT. Neither application present the issue
when using Pillow < or > 2.6.1 on my test distro's.


I've performed several tests with various versions of Pillow, primarily
on Linux. On my Ubuntu based installs, after installing JTSDK Nix, those
distros using python3-pil 2.6.1 ( Ubuntu 14.10, Debian Jessie for
example ) will build correctly but fail as above.

Removing python3-pil and python3-pil.imagetk, installing the required
build dependencies:

libtiff4-dev libjpeg8-dev zlib1g-dev libfreetype6-dev liblcms2-dev
libwebp-dev tcl8.6-dev tk8.6-dev

then installing ( via pip3 ) Pillow==2.5.3, ==2.7.0 or ==2.8.1 ( the
latest Pillow release ), neither WSJT nor WSPR present the segfault.

At this point, I would think the import instructions in an are OK, but I don't know where or how to take this any further.

Without getting this resolved, we will not be able to update WSJT / WSPR
in any distro using Pillow 2.6.1 as the default package (Ubuntu 14.10
and Debian Jessie at present ). I believe there are Fedora based distros
also using Pillow-2.6.1, but I am not as familiar with their package
structures, so I cannot say for sure which ones.

Any input or debugging suggestions would be much appreciated.

Greg, KI7MT

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