appropriate priority for bugs under Wayland?

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appropriate priority for bugs under Wayland?

Jonathan Dowland
severity 904309 normal

Folks, I've seen a few occurences now of bugs like this which are being given
RC severity because Wayland is currently the default desktop technology for
Buster. The consequence of this is that the software (here tilda, elsewhere
synaptic, and perhaps others) are at risk of being dropped from Buster
entirely due to incompatibility under Wayland, despite working fine under X.

I'm not sure that this is fair or the right way to address issues of Wayland
compatibility with other (longer established) software. I'm directing this at
-release to ask the Release Team whether they have a position on the matter.

Related I'm not sure that Wayland is a suitable choice for the default desktop
technology yet either (see Bug #927667 for discussion of that, as well as a
subset of these bugs[1]). Please direct any thoughts on *that* to #927667
rather than here.


Best wishes


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