bullseye php7.3 undefined symbol: uidna_IDNToASCII

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bullseye php7.3 undefined symbol: uidna_IDNToASCII

Tomoo Nomura-2

I upgraded from buster to bullseye, php7.3 http.so said,
/usr/bin/php: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/php/20180731/http.so:
undefined symbol: uidna_IDNT

Package: php-http (3.2.1+2.6.0-1)

I checked past bug reports and found
Bug#849939: marked as done (undefined symbol: uidna_IDNToASCII)
Found in version php-pecl-http/3.1.0+2.6.0-1
Fixed in version php-pecl-http/3.1.0+2.6.0-3

Does this bug still exist or happen again ?

Does anyone have any information ?

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