cups-filters 1.22.6 released!

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cups-filters 1.22.6 released!

Till Kamppeter-3

I have released cups-filters 1.22.6 now, with the following changes:

        - rastertops: Fixed PageSize settings in the PostScript output
          (Must be in points not in pixels).
        - pdftops, mupdftoraster: Produce actual grayscale/monochrome
          PostScript (and not only instructions to print grayscale/
          monochrome) for jobs to be printed in grayscale/monochrome
          (Issue #96, Pull request #115).
        - mupdftoraster: Fixed filter not producing output at all.
        - Build system: ENABLE_DRIVERLESS got only defined with CUPS
          1.6 and newer, not with older CUPS versions (Issue #111).
        - pdftopdf, imagetopdf, imagetoraster: Silenced compiler
        - cups-browsed, driverless: Replaced httpConnect() calls by
          httpConnect2() calls as the former CUPS library function is
        - Build system: Compile everything using the CUPS libraries
          with '-D_PPD_DEPRECATED=""' for the time being until the
          deprecated PPD API calls get replaced, to stop the flooding
          with PPD API deprecation warnings making more important
          warnings being overlooked.
        - cups-browsed: When removing a local queue on shutdown or
          when DNS-SD reports the printer as disappeared check whether
          the local queue got overwritten by an external process as
          sometimes the shutdown or disappearing event comes too close
          for cups-browsed receiving a printer-modified notification
          from CUPS before (Ubuntu bug #1731417).

Bug fix release, to address a further issue of cups-browsed removing
user-created print queues, to make grayscale/monochrome PostScript jobs
of colored input file actually output grayscale/monochrome files, to fix
several bugs when using MuPDF as PDF renderer, and to silence compiler

Please release this on Debian so that I can sync it into Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.