cups-filters 1.24.0 released!

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cups-filters 1.24.0 released!

Till Kamppeter-3

I have released cups-filters 1.24.0 now, with the following changes:

        - cups-browsed, implicitclass: Support for mixed clusters of
          remote CUPS queues and IPP network printers. For this PPD
          files of remote CUPS queues are generated by cups-browsed
          based on IPP queries, as for native IPP printers, the number
          of jobs for load balancing is polled in a way that it works
          also with native IPP printers, the implicitclass backend
          sends jobs directky to the printer instead of re-queueing
          them via CUPS.
        - cups-browsed: Merge IPP attributes of several printers to
          combined attributes for the cluster to generate the
          cluster's PPD file, including PPD constraints for option
          combinations not fulfillable by any of the member printers,
          and finding reasonable, non-conflicting default settings,
        - cups-browsed: Selection algorithm for the destination
          printer for a job sent to the cluster. Based on the job
          settings requested such as page size, media type, print
          quality, ... the best most suitable printer in the cluster
          for the job will be selected.
        - cups-browsed, implicitclass: Filter jobs to clusters already
          locally. Due to the fact that a cluster's member printers
          are not exclusively non-raw CUPS queues with the complete
          filtering framework on the remote server, but also native
          IPP printers, we need to support generic driverless printers
          as destination. So we cannot pass on the input data
          unfiltered but need to filter locally. We let the cluster's
          PPD file emulate a PDF printer, letting the local CUPS queue
          of the cluster run pdftopdf and any pre-filters to turn the
          input into PDF and we let the implicitclass backend turn PDF
          into a format understood by the destination printer,
          supporting the 4 formats of driverless IPP printing: PDF,
          PWG Raster, Apple Raster, PCLm.

This release is for the integration of Deepak Patankar's Google Summer
of Code 2018 project with the main goal of clustering different printers
with cups-browsed and automatically selecting the destination printers
by job content and option/attribute settings. To achieve this, several
other features got added to cups-browsed, especially support for mixed
clusters of remote CUPS queues and native IPP printers and not
downloading PPDs from remote CUPS servers any more. All changes of this
release are done by Deepak as parts of his project.

Please release this on Debian so that I can sync it into Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.