cups-filters 1.25.1 released!

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cups-filters 1.25.1 released!

Till Kamppeter-3

I have released cups-filters 1.25.1 now, with the following changes:

        - imagetopdf: Fixed crash when no PPD file was supplied (Pull
          request #133).
        - pdftoraster: Fixed offset issues leading to segmentation
          faults (Issue #131, Pull request #132, Ubuntu bug #1833231).
        - pdftoraster: Added anti-aliasing for better raster image
          quality (Pull request #129).
        - pdftoraster: Added graceful handling of zero-page input
          (Issue #117, Pull request #127).

Bug fix release for the filters, mainly for the new pdftoraster filter.

Please release this on Debian so that I can sync it into Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.