delegation: new Debian Project contact for Freenode IRC network

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delegation: new Debian Project contact for Freenode IRC network

Sam Hartman-5
Hi folks,

Göran Weinholt, Debian's current representative to Peer-Directed Projects
Center[1], the not-for-profit organization that administrates the Freenode
IRC network[2], has expressed an interest in stepping down, and has located
a person willing to take on this responsibility.

I am pleased to hereby delegate Jörg Jaspert to serve as Debian's
representative to PDPC.  Apart from serving as Debian's liaison between the
two organizations, this role has responsibility for managing several
technical and administrative aspects of Debian's presence on the Freenode
IRC network.  These include:
  * management of "user cloaks" that assign a developer identity[3]
  * editing the list of channel contacts for channels that Freenode regards
    as being the Debian Project's province (#debian and all channels
    matching #debian*) [4]

I thank Göran Weinholt for his service in this role, and Jörg Jaspert for
being willing to undertake it.

[3] These are what make the hostname or IP address field of an IRC user
    look like, for example, "user@debian/developer/user" as opposed to
    "user@" or "[hidden email]".
[4] including but not limited to #debian, #debian-devel,,, and so forth

G. Branden Robinson
Debian Project Leader
[hidden email]

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