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Peter Green-11

We, the First Bank of Nigeria Plc, via the Office of the
Presidency, have received an approval document forwarded to our
Bank from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to effect an
immediate payment of $12.1million USD (Twelve Million One Hundred
United States Dollars) to you. Your name appeared on a daily
Newspaper among the beneficiaries who will receive a payment of

It has been approved already for you through any preferred

Basically,there are three (3) options for us to get your fund
transferred to you.

These options include :
1. ATM Card Payment Service
2. Bank-To-Bank Swift Wire Payment Transfer
3. Official delivery of Bank draft to your door step.

Please respond to this email by making a selection from the (3)
options above.

Your funds are protected by a hardcover insurance policy.
You are to make your preferred choice from the three options

We anticipate your prompt response.

please  re- confirm the following details;

1.Your Full Name:
2.Your Address:
3. Telephone Number:
4.Fax Number:

Yours Sincerely,
Mc Peter Green