gnome 2.14 - some libs, gnome-media and more.

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gnome 2.14 - some libs, gnome-media and more.

Gustavo Franco
Hi team,

I asked to be the new gnome-media maintainer, so i needed some new
gnome libs to compile 2.14.0. I would like to ask to be included in
the alioth project and there's a short summary of the things that will
need to change in our debian/ tree to compile the bits that i already
reviewed. I'm aware that Ubuntu has more stuff and if nobody started
working on this i can review and merge their changes when necessary.

 - Just bumping up the changelog to 2.14.0 and download the latest
tarball will do the work.
 - Needs review, maybe the upstream added man pages and other stuff
that we weren't building

 - Bump up libbonobo related dependencies in debian/control (at least
 - debian/tmp/usr/share/man should be added in debian/libgnome2-common.install
 - Our debian/rules looks really different than Ubuntu, i'm almost
sure they have unneede things like a include.
 - Maybe we should consider add a lintian override due to the libgnome2-0 thing
 - gnome-open needs a manpage to, a help2man should do the work

 - Drop debian/patches/20_gdk-thread-lock.patch - it was merged by the upstream

 - Drop debian/patches/32_implicit-pointer.patch - it was merged by
the upstream too

I've worked on these packages based on the svn repositories, so if
anyone wants to review my changes i can send the patches to the list.
It's still a working progress to me, because there's too much stuff to
review and package until gnome-media.

Hope that helps,
-- stratus

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Re: gnome 2.14 - some libs, gnome-media and more.

Ondřej Surý-4
Please join #gnome-debian on and discuss your plans there.

libbonobo + libbonoboui:
I am going to do this over weekend.

- it's already prepared in our svn and ready for experimental

- I will prepare this after libgnome hits experimental.

Anyway, extra hand is always welcomed, just stay in touch, so you don't
duplicate work :-)

Ondrej Sury <[hidden email]>

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