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gnome settings lost

Jochen Bartl
Hi list.

I lost my gnome configuration after a system crash. My system freezed
after an unsuccessful suspend to ram, so I had to power it off.

After restarting my system I recognised that my entire gnome
configuration was lost. I experienced the same problem some weeks ago
during the update from gnome 2.10 to 2.12. Thank god I have a backup of
my $HOME/.gconf/%gconf-tree.xml ;-) I have deleted
$HOME/.gconfd/saved_state, restored %gconf-tree.xml from my backup und
everything is ok for now.

Maybe someone has a clue why I lost the gnome configuration. I turned
the debug mode (kill -USR1) for gconfd on, after I recognised the
problem. Here is the gconfd logfile:

System info:

Debian unstable (linux-image-2.6.15-1-686)

gnome-common            2.12.0-1
gnome-desktop-data      2.12.3-1
gnome-menus             2.12.0-2.1
gnome-mime-data         2.4.2-1
gnome-panel             2.12.3-1
gnome-panel-data        2.12.3-1
gnome-session           2.12.0-4
gnome-terminal          2.13.93-1
gnome-terminal-data     2.13.93-1
gnome-utils             2.12.2-3
libgnome-desktop-2      2.12.3-1
libgnome2.0-cil         2.8.2-1
libgnomeui-0            2.12.1-1
libgnomeui-common       2.12.1-1
libgnomevfs2-0          2.13.92-1
libgnomevfs2-common     2.13.92-1
libgnomevfs2-extra      2.13.92-1
gconf2                  2.13.5-1
gconf2-common           2.13.5-1
libgconf-cil            1.0.10-3
libgconf2-4             2.13.5-1d
libgconf2.0-cil         2.8.2-1

best regards,


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