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gnome-system-tools possible bug?


i have been digging on this one for a while and i'm stumped.

the shares-admin from package gnome-system-tools appears to be broken on
my system. i'm yet to file it as a bug as it works on a similar system
setup on another machine so i'm a little stumped.

basically what happens is the shares-admin window comes up and then just
hangs requiring a forced kill to remove it.

i have uninstalled, purged, reinstalled etc... all to no avail.

running from a terminal i get the following:

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08278210 ***

i am running debian etch with gnome-system-tools version 1.4.1-2

also i noticed bug#321741 that suggests a similar issue but under a much eralier version 1.2.0-2.

should this perhaps be filed as a bug? has anyone experienced this before.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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