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(new) linamc_2.0rc5-1.diff.gz extra hamradio
(new) linamc_2.0rc5-1.dsc extra hamradio
(new) linamc_2.0rc5-1_i386.deb extra hamradio
Qt based AX-25 Mail Client
 This is ax25 mail client used to manage bulletins and a personal mail
 that you can access at your HOME BBS. It provides such features as:
  * nice Graphical User Interface ;-) fonts, color are configurable
  * useful options to manage your mail
  * FBB compressed forward/download messages
  * both pure ax25 and telnet type connections are aviable
  * automark function allows you trace your favorite topics
  * address book helps with addressing mails to your friends
  * you can use external viewers/editors for text, html or any other type of
    data for witch you can define extra program
  * text search function helps you find any text in downloaded buletins
  * you can store any message in text file and use it for your own purpose
  * easy graphical configuration stored in text files
  * 7plus detection simplfys decoding 7plus parts
(new) linamc_2.0rc5.orig.tar.gz extra hamradio
Changes: linamc (2.0rc5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release

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