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making more packages bin-NMU safe

Ken Bloom-2
I noticed that glabels is broken on i386 because it's not binary NMU
safe, and someone did a binary NMU.

After poking around a bit, I found, which
discussed a possible solution to this problem. Since then, we have
changed the version number format for binary NMUs, so I wanted to submit
a patch (based on the one mentioned previously) to allow the creation
more binNMU safe packages.

This patch should patch /usr/lib/dpkg/ in dpkg-dev.

--- 2006-01-15 22:50:55.000000000 -0600
+++ 2006-01-16 23:04:24.000000000 -0600
@@ -241,6 +241,9 @@
     &parsecdata('L',0,"parsed version of changelog");
     close(CDATA); $? && &subprocerr("parse changelog");
     $substvar{'Source-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
+    $substvar{'ArchDep-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
+    $substvar{'ArchIndep-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
+    $substvar{'ArchIndep-Version'} =~ s/\+b[0-9]+$//;
+    $substvar{'Upstream-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
+    $substvar{'Upstream-Version'} =~ s/-.*$//;
+    $substvar{'Upstream-Version'} =~ s/^[0-9]+://;

This patch adds the ArchIndep-Version and ArchDep-Version to indicate
the current version of the binary packages relevant to this build, and
it adds Upstream-Version (at the request of Henrique de Morales
Holschuh) which removes the epoch and the debian revision to get the
upstream version so that people who want this for some reason don't
need to reinvent the wheel.

--Ken Bloom

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