module packages and linux-nonfree-2.6 infrastructure

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module packages and linux-nonfree-2.6 infrastructure

Bastian Blank
Hi folks

I implemented an infrastructure for module packages (including
linux-nonfree-2.6). It is similar to the gencontrol[1] mechanism used in
linux-2.6, in fact it reuses most of the code.

It provides currently the following (in the linux-headers-2.6.15
- A copy of debian/arch, e.g. the kernel and package config.
- A copy of debian/lib.
The missing parts are:
- A script which does the module package specific tasks.
- A makefile snippet.

Most of the "how to use it"-code is already in


[1] gencontrol builds two files, debian/control and debian/rules.gen.
    debian/rules.gen is a large makefile, which calls debian/rules.real
    for any target with a bunch pregenerated data.

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