[patch] adding omitted prolonged sound symbols.

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[patch] adding omitted prolonged sound symbols.

To: Debian Edu team
CC: Debian Japanese team

As I send a message about "main server" and issue about
installer.po-manual-ja mismatch and prolonged sound symbols,
I created a patch for installer.po.

It just adds omitted prolonged sound symbols for "server"


Japanese veteran IT tech people prefer omitting the trailing
prolonged sound symbols which corresponds to "server"/"printer"'s
"-er" part.

It was useful on limited resolution and/or transfer sizes, etc.

Now, in many cases those omits are no longer recommended, I guess.

  e.g) "サーバ"@ja should now be "サーバー"@ja.

I attach my diff patch.


patch-20190511-prolonged-sound-symbol.diff (2K) Download Attachment