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postfix and ldap backend


I have a problem using postfix with a ldap backend for relay purpouses:

My setup is something like this:
(Internet)-->(front-end postfix)--->(backend server and ldap server)

Right now, the relevant ldap settinggs from relay_recipient_maps
definition file are:

query_filter = (& (sAMAccountName=*)(mail=*)(proxyAddresses=smtp:%s))
result_attribute = proxyAddresses
result_format = smtp:%s

Everything is working fine except for one problem: I have no clue on how
to modify the query_filter in such a manner that will return no results
if some specified email addresses are matched, one for example would be
[hidden email]

Based on what I have found on the Internet, i tried various queries,
some which looked like:

query_filter = (& sAMAccountName=*) (mail=*) (proxyAddresses=smtp:%s)
(!proxyAddresses=smtp:[hidden email]))

previously to this i tried something like:

relay_recipient_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/reject_users,
ldap:/etc/postfix/, ldap:/etc/postfix/

and in /etc/reject_users i put:

[hidden email] REJECT

but to no avail, postfix still relays mail to that address

Is there any way to solve my problem ?

additional data:
system is a sarge with postfix 2.1.5
ldap server is an ActiveDirectory

Thank you,


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