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Bug#341100: libglib2.0-doc: devhelp doesn't include glib functions in search results 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#340311: sound-juicer: crashes when trying to edit compression profiles 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#339587: avahi-daemon: installation fails, which later makes Rhythmbox unusable 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#338276: 0.7.1 deb package 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Re: New version of kernel-package to create image packages using debconf 1 reply Debian Devel
Bug#338462: Depends on python-gnome2-extras 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Re: Shipping static libraries 2 replies debian-gtk-gnome
Bug#337212: Please remove X dependencies 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Re: Evolution Contacts 1 reply Debian Devel
Re: Attaching to a remote desktop? 1 reply Debian Laptop
Re: Question regarding "offensive" material 0 replies Debian Devel
Re: Planning a libglade to libglade2 transition 0 replies Debian Devel
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