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Bug#880149: libntru: FTBFS on s390x and sparc64: test suite errors 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#879045: xracer: hangs when program exit 1 reply debian-bugs-rc
Bug#879045: xracer: Fatal error: function not implemented 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#837621: simpleid: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare random_bytes() 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#874065: unrar-free: Should unrar-free be removed from the archive? Alternatives (libarchive) exist; unmaintained upstream; has security issues 1 reply debian-bugs-rc
Bug#874061: unrar-free: CVE-2017-14121: null pointer dereference 0 replies debian-bugs-rc
Bug#874060: unrar-free: CVE-2017-14122: stack overread vulnerability 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#874060: unrar-free: CVE-2017-14122: stack overread vulnerability 0 replies debian-bugs-rc
Bug#877646: ITP: node-node-rest-client -- Rest API client for NodeJS 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#874065: unrar-free / CVE-2017-14120 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#870349: ITP: node-opencv -- OpenCV Bindings for node.js 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#761441: RFP: node-istanbul -- a JS code coverage tool written in JS 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869925: ITP: node-buffers -- Buffer collections as contiguous partially mutable Buffer 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869651: ITP: node-platform -- platform detection lib works on nearly all JavaScript platforms 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869648: ITP: node-mimelib -- MIME functions to encode/decode e-mails etc. 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869631: ITP: node-imagemagick -- imagemagick module for NodeJS 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869629: ITP: node-websocket-stream -- use websockets with the node streams API in browser and node 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869626: node-ws: Please update to upstream version 3.0.0 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869494: ITP: node-help-me -- help command for node, partner of minimist and commist 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#869476: ITP: node-mqtt-packet -- parse and generate MQTT packets 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
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