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Bug#951187: proj: 'make distclean' deletes README which is not regenerated 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#951185: RM: nvidia-graphics-drivers-tesla -- ROM; renamed to nvidia-graphics-drivers-tesla-418 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950038: Looks like a bug in httplib2 rather than on wsgi-intercept 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#951087: openjk: FTBFS against libsdl2 2.0.10+dfsg1-2: fatal error: SDL.h: No such file or directory 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#925836: Your mail 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#940926: Xorg logs 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950817: archmage: FTBFS: tests fail: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bs4' 1 reply debian-bugs-rc
Bug#950772: swupdate: FTBFS during separate arch/indep builds 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950768: cluster3: missing Build-Depends: dh-python 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950765: buster-pu: package nvidia-settings-legacy-340xx/340.108-1~deb10u1 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950762: ksh,ksh93: both ship /etc/skel/.kshrc with insufficient Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Re: Please remove pyro 0 replies debian-release
Bug#950586: REDEFINITION: dkms build fails with kernel 5.4.0-3-686-pae but NOT with 4.17.0-3-686-pae 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950562: acorn: FTBFS: Error: Cannot find module 'rollup-plugin-buble' 1 reply debian-bugs-rc
Bug#950498: RM: zeitgeist/experimental -- RoQA; NVIU; python3-zeitgeist was fixed and not removed in sid 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950496: msgpack-c: FTBFS on 32-bit: error: narrowing conversion of ‘4294967295’ from ‘long unsigned int’ to ‘__time_t’ {aka ‘long int’} 1 reply debian-bugs-rc
Bug#950438: [Piuparts-devel] Bug#950438: piuparts: test for systemd dependency cycle 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#920497: [Pkg-opencl-devel] Bug#920497: clblas: *ger out of bounds memory access under pocl 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950423: should not archive RC bugs affecting oldstable 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#950422: node-sinon: (build-)depends on node-array-from which has been requested to be removed 2 replies debian-bugs-rc
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