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Bug#930428: debootstrap should ensure matching _apt uid 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community 0 replies Debian User
Re: Funktionsweise der Add-On-Prüfung in Firefox (war: Re: Firefox-Erweiterungen ausgeschaltet wegen Zertifikatsproblem) 1 reply debian-user-german
Re: "missing pubkey" for buster-security 1 reply Debian User
Re: A call to drop gnome as the default desktop 1 reply Debian User
Re: A call to drop gnome 1 reply Debian User
Re: A call to drop gnome 5 replies Debian User
Bug#925436: unblock: fwupdate/12-4 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#925435: unblock: fwupd/1.2.5-2 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Re: FRR package in Debian violates the GPL licence 0 replies Debian Legal
GPL and the "system library" exception 3 replies Debian Legal
Re: Expired GPG keys of older release 1 reply Debian User
Re: Circular BD's? 0 replies debian-user-german
Re: [OT] Linksschreibung 0 replies debian-user-german
Re: webext-ublock-origin 1 reply debian-user-german
Re: Removing libsystemd0 from a non-systemd system 0 replies Debian User
Re: GPG key expiry questions? 2 replies Debian User
Re: Wie werden Hosts/Domains im Internet gefunden? 6 replies debian-user-german
Re: Firefox Future and Config [WAS: Re: Password managers] 0 replies Debian User
Re: SSL-Zertifikat Error bei Debian-Repository 1 reply debian-user-german