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Bug#915159: sysvinit: [INTL:de] Updated German debconf translation 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Re: Bug#833116: fgetty: Incorrect keystroke interpretation 5 replies Debian Boot
Bug#833116: fgetty: Incorrect keystroke interpretation 11 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915495: O: goto-chg-el -- navigate the point to the most recent edit in the buffer 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915494: O: evil-paredit-el -- emacs extension, integrating evil and paredit 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915493: O: elisp-slime-nav -- Emacs extension that provide Emacs Lisp code navigation 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915492: O: evil-el -- extensible vi layer for Emacs 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915491: O: elpa-undo-tree -- Emacs minor mode for handling undo history as tree 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#913247: fixed in sysvinit 2.92~beta-1 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#838480: Next revision, suggestion accounted 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915357: RFA: clues-emacs 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915356: RFA: eoconv -- convert text files between various Esperanto encodings 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915355: RFA: fbless -- terminal fiction book reader 1 reply debian-bugs-dist
Bug#915354: RFA: sent -- simple plaintext presentation tool 13 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#826214: Bug#913247: Please provide a C implementation of /lib/init/init-d-script 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Packaging runscripts for Runit init system 0 replies Debian Devel
Bug#914943: libbg-dev: Please provide diet-libc version of library 0 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#914943: libbg-dev: Please provide diet-libc version of library 2 replies debian-bugs-dist
Bug#912201: RFS: manticore/2.7.3 [ITP] 10 replies debian-bugs-dist
Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED 11 replies Debian Devel
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