tpm2-* issues on Debian 9/10

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tpm2-* issues on Debian 9/10


I've been testing the recent tpm2 packages on Debian 9/10 lately. I
installed some packages via apt:

tpm2-tss( 1.4): libsapi-dev libsapi-utils libsapi0
tpm2-abrmd( 1.3.1)
tpm2-tools( 2.1.0)

"tpm2_listpcrs -T device" is only work w/ tabrmd systemd serviced
disabled. If I started the tpm2-abrmd service, the I'll get the

# tpm2_listpcrs -T device
Failed to initialize device TCTI context: 0xa000a

# tpm2_listpcrs -T socket
Failed to initialize tcti context: 0x1

# tpm2_listpcrs
Failed to initialize tcti context: 0x1

Then, I tried to build tpm2-tss from source code and also got some errors:

But I can build it on Ubuntu-based( 16.04) distro. Any ideas?

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