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Lucas Nussbaum-4

I updated .

Main changes:
* Refreshed data (up to July 2019)
* Added data about DEP5 copyright format adoption
* Added data about autopkgtest adoption
* Various minor changes

Now is probably a good time to go through smells in your packages and
update them to newer standards. As a reminder, there's a dd-list at :-)

As another reminder, the dh discussion summary[1] includes the following
points which could be useful in that case as well:

> Best Practices for Testing DH Conversions
> =========================================
> * Run a debdiff of the binaries to see what has changed
> * Use diffoscope
> * Run autopkgtests
> * Test piuparts
> Generally look at the packaging and explain any changes carefully.



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Re: updated

Ian Jackson-2
Lucas Nussbaum writes (" updated"):
> I updated .

This is very cool and I wasn't even aware it existed!  Yay!

I have one quibble which I'm not sure how to address and, relatedly, a
feature request.

The feature request first.  Would it be easy to add a chart to track
dgit push adoption ?  You can tell easily because a package uploaded
with dgit push has a Dgit: field in the .dsc which also appears in

When the git-debpush robot is deployed, it will be useful to separate
that out on the same chart, giving
  Upload and publication method

You'll be able to tell whether something was done with git-debpush
because the signature on the .dsc will be made with the git-debpush
robot's key.  Maybe we will put something in the .dsc too (I think
right now we are planning to wait with doing that until it turns out
to be wanted/needed for something in particular).

OTOH maybe you think the current adoption %age is too small (about 1%)
for this to be worthwhile.

The quibble is about "VCS Hosting".  There is an entry for "dgit"
there.  But for most packages uploaded with dgit, the Vcs-git entry
points somewhere else (eg, salsa).  Indeed this is true even of
src:dgit :-).  (Which reminds me, I think I should change it to point
to salsa.)  So it's a bit misleading.  But I don't know what you could
do instead really.  Maybe change the label to "dgit only" ?

Writing this I just thought of another chart which might be very
interesting.  Last upload.  (By Debian release intervals maybe, rather
than by years?)


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