women interested in FSFE GA?

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women interested in FSFE GA?

Daniel Pocock-4

Hi all,

There are currently two women in the FSFE GA[1].

At the 2016 meeting of the GA, only 0 women attended[2].

If any women would like to consider joining before the next meeting, the
procedure[3] is to send a request to the president, [hidden email]
(Matthias Kirschner).  Although it is not mentioned in the procedure,
feel free to CC other GA members or leaders in the free software
community who know you or could support your application for membership
(I would have no hesitation in supporting any woman from the Debian

It would be useful for applicants to briefly comment on:
- activities/experience involving free software
- existing relationship/exposure to FSFE

The team page[4] says more about being in the GA.



1. https://fsfe.org/about/team.en.html
2. https://fsfe.org/about/legal/minutes/minutes-2016-10-09.en.pdf
3. https://fsfe.org/about/legal/constitution.en.html
4. http://wiki.fsfe.org/Teams/GA